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Kristen's Wedding Dessert Table 

I am so excited to finally share with you the desserts from Kristen's wedding that I told you about a little while back.  I was honored to not only be apart of her wedding, but I did the desserts AND Savanna was the flower girl! The wedding was in the barn at Martha Clara Vineyards on a picture perfect day the first weekend of June.  All of the pictures were captured by the fabulous Stephen from W Studios New York and he graciously shared them with me.  I highly recommend everything about the wedding, we had an absolute blast!

For the Dessert Table I did a vanilla with raspberry and nutella two tier cake, cake pops, oreo pops, chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate chip cookies.  

My personal favorite is below :)


November and December Cakes

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week. We are enjoying our time off over here.  Savanna is getting big fast, we were at the doctor this morning and she is over 11 lbs already!  It has been fun to watch her grow and learn. She has started to find her hands and learning how to smile and laugh which is the most fun.  She currently loves anything that has flashing lights and plays music as well as the mirror.  I will share some more pictures and updates of her next week, but for today I wanted to catch you up on some of my favorite Kreated by K cakes from November and December.  Hope you have a great 3 day weekend!



Fall Wedding Cakes

I wanted to share some fun and pretty fall wedding cakes I have done recently :)

This first one was at the Housing Works Bookstore!  It was such a unique setting.  Instead of one big cake they chose to have 5 small cakes with all different flavors.  

This next wedding was at the Alger House which is on an adorable block in the heart of the west village.

This wedding was in the beautiful Battery Gardens downtown and a fun one for me to work on since it was for a friend of mine from when I worked at JCrew.

This was a small shower cake that is a little more spring themed, but I loved the simplicity of it.

This last one was actually for a birthday and a little more spring themed but I thought it was more bridal like.  It would be really pretty for a bridal shower or in white for a wedding.


New York Botanical Gardens and Wedding Dessert Table

Hope everyone had a great weekend and you are having a good week!  We are trying to keep busy over here  on the weekends, I am officially under the 2 week mark now (that is if she wants to come on time :) ).  My husband had the wonderful idea to visit the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx.  We have both never been and we were very glad we went!  It is a great weekend activity, even for those who have kids!  They have a section dedicated to children, which is now has a Halloween theme, where they can carve pumpkins etc.. over the holidays they are famous for the train show.  For adults, they have a wonderful Monet exhibit going on now and the rose garden is still in full bloom.  If you are looking for something to do, I highly recommend!

I also wanted to share with you a Wedding Dessert Table that I did.  The wedding was held at the Ink Hotel which has a stunning rooftop!  The dessert table was filled with yummy treats such as cake pops, oreo pops, mini cheese cakes, mini chocolate pretzel tarts, cookies and candy!


Skyline in Full Bloom - Top of the Garden Event

I had the pleasure of being apart of the Skyline in Full Bloom Wedding Event that was hosted and designed by Roey Mizarhi Events.  It was held at Top of the Garden which is wonderful space on the 16th floor of the Historic Rehearsal Recording Arts building that connects to a beautiful rooftop! Roey put together an incredibly fun evening and a wonderful group of wedding vendors which are listed below. Thanks to Allan Zepeda for the amazing pictures!  

Roey Mizrahi Events • Elan Artists • MirrorMirror Designs • Hushed Commotion • RCANO Events Catering • Amber Gress Photography • The Booth • Blade Floral and Event Design • Sugar Flower Cake Shop • SB Beauty • Nectar Imports • Extensions by Jill • The Chocolate Nation • Dynamic Drape and Decor • Robert Stark Lighting • Bonobos • Sarah Jassir Bridal • The Cocktail Guru/Wedding Cocktail Design 
Ruth Fischl High End Event Rentals• Hitch Switch • Kreated by K• Mustard Lane•Weditors Video & Photography•Grande Harvest Wines•Van Gogh Vodka


Wedding Towers

I have been honored to be apart of numerous weddings over the last two months.  I wanted to share some pictures of dessert towers I did for two of them.  Both brides wanted to have a cake for the ceremonial cutting of the cake, but did want a 4 tier cake.  I helped them design a tower that allowed them to have a cake (small) and have some fun cake pops and cupcakes along with it.  

I will share some more fun and unique weddings next week!




A Weekend of Weddings!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend, with this lovely weather I do not know how you could not :) It was a perfect weekend for weddings!  One of my best friends got married in Westerly, RI and it was an absolutely perfect and incredibly fun wedding!  I was so honored to be the Matron of Honor (same friend as the garden party shower) and stand up for Caitlin! Unfortunately, my husband was in one of our best friends weddings this weekend as well (a lovely spring bridal shower) that I was very sad to miss.  My lovely photographer Raquel also got married this weekend!  I was also honored to do two of the grooms cakes which I shared below (sorry I did not get the best pictures of these).  

Congrats to all of the newlyweds!

Caitlin's Wedding in Westerly, RI


The Grooms Cake - The Groom has his pilot's license and this is the plane he flies!

Carol and Joe's Wedding in Manhasset, NY

The Grooms Cake - His Golf Bag (I included a cartoon drawing of them on a "head cover".  He played lacrosse at Hopkins and she played lacrosse at UVA).


A Garden Bridal Shower

I am honored to be the Maid (Matron :) ) of Honor in one of my best friend's from college weddings.  Caitlin's family is from Toronto, so I had the pleasure of planning her bridal shower in New York City.  Since most of her family lives in Toronto or other parts of the country it was a small, intimate shower.  I decided to have it at Bobo in their garden room.  Bobo did an amazing job, the food was incredible and the service was impeccable.  Grace, who is the event planner there, was extremely helpful throughout the whole process and our servers were over the top attentive without being over-bearing!  The garden room holds up to 35 people, but they have other rooms that hold more.  

Me, Caitlin and her Mom!

I decided to do the flowers myself (I found the idea on pinterest) and they were really easy and inexpensive DIY project.

I put together a small dessert table.  Caitlin hates chocolate so much I thought she was allergic to it the first few years that I knew her.  One of her favorite things to eat is a peanut butter and banana, sooooo I decided to make a banana cake with peanut butter buttercream for her. She loves candy so I made sure there was plenty of candy and had a few chocolate chip cookies for the other guests :)

As the favors I made mini peach pie jars since we have had such a great peach season!  

Isn't the space just great!

They had fresh fruit, croissants and banana bread on the tables.  We had burgers, a salad and two different egg dishes.  They continued to bring out fresh dishes :)



Bridal Showers

I wanted to share some pretty bridal showers I have done over the past few months.  I have been expanding and trying to learn some sugar flowers.  These are very basic for now, but glad I can offer them and will hopefully continue to teach myself some more :) 

I really love simple cakes with a pop of design (which here is the flowers)

This was a lovely shower hosted in a home in northern Westchester.  They were great and sent me a lot of pictures :)

The Whole Spread!

I did the desserts for the dessert table and they did a fabulous job putting it together.  There were a variety of mini sandwich cookies, berry pie bars, cupcakes, cakepops and mini peach and berry tarts!

This is not a great picture but I wanted to show you the cute cupcake designs upclose.  The bride to be just got a scooter and the invitation had a scooter and balloons on it so we matched it with the cupcakes.  

Look how beautiful the tables were and such cute favors!

These were cupcakes for a shower that I put their edible logo on

Another simple cake with some edible sunflowers (sorry also not a great picture!)

 Another simple yet elegant bridal shower cake with flowers :)


A Lovely Spring Bridal Shower

Two of our best friends are getting married this September, but unfortunately they are on the same day!  I am the matron of honor in one and Chris is a groomsman in the other.  Since I am very sad to be missing the one wedding, I was excited to be able to do the cake and favors for the bridal shower a few weeks ago! It was a fabulous day for a lovely outdoor spring shower.  The cake was red velvet the brides favorite! 

Of course I am not looking at the camera!


New York Magazine Wedding Event 2012 Photos!

The New York Magazine Wedding Event last week was fabulous, I met a ton of wonderful new brides, event planners, caterers, bloggers and photographers!  

I wanted to show you the dessert table I put together for it.  I had Raquel from Raquel Bianca Creative shoot my work for the event. Raquel has been my photographer and designer for over a year now, and takes all my site photography. I asbosultely love working with her!  First, she makes my work look incredible! She is also someone you can count on which is great.  I never send an email and have to wait days for her to respond, she is super reliable! I also love that she is always sending me ideas to help me grow my business which, is much appreciated when you have a small business.  

About four months ago she launched Raquel Bianca Creative, a photography & paper design company based here in New York. She shoots children & infants, portraits, fashion, engagement, food, events and more. She also designs invitations and created the paper tags you see on my wedding display. This aspect of her business is unique because she can shoot your photo, and then design the card or announcements that you send out to friends and family. 


2012 New York Magazine Bridal Event 


To all my brides out there, I wanted to invite you to the 2012 New York Magazine Bridal Event.  I will be there with a lovely dessert table and cake pop samples.  It is a fabulous event with tons of great vendors!  It is next Wednesday March 28th from 5-8 pm, make sure to get your tickets now!


Wedding Cake & Dessert Table!

I apologize for the delay, I promised these photos to you when I posted my other wedding cakes almost a month ago! Where does the time go?!?  I had the pleasure of doing the wedding cake and dessert table for a friend I used to work with at JCrew.  I have never done a dessert table this large and vast so I was excited when she gave me the opportunity.  It was a fun experience and the bride was patient enough to work with me through it.  I knew someone that attended the wedding so was able to get a great shot of them enjoying my cake. I was really happy with the outcome and definately learned a few lessons along the way :)



Little Miss Party Planner 

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of doing some treats for Little Miss Party Planner (LMP).  The owner Seri and her partner Michelle both had previous careers at JCrew like me!  We actually did not know each other there but were introduced by a mutual colleague.  Together they have started a fabulous little party planning company that specializes in small spaces (for all of us that live in Manhattan).  So the next time you are having a birthday or a special event and you want someone to plan and caterer an amazing little party make sure to think of them!  In the mean time I wanted to share some recent events that they did and I supplied some treats for.

Most recent was the Girls Night Out with Benefit Cosmetics that they did for 100 Layer Cake and I made cheesecake cake pops for it.

They put on an adorable yellow and grey Baby Shower for their friend Rachel and I made gold dusted cake pops and the poodle cookie pops favors.

In the spring I made cake pops and banana pops for their 40th birthday brunch party.

Have a great weekend :)


Wedding cakes & some other pretty cakes

I wanted to share with you some of the small wedding cakes I have started to do.  At the moment I only do buttercream cakes.  I personally like them better because I believe the fondant takes away from the taste and quality of the cake (KbyK only promises to give you the best)!  I am excited to be doing another 3 tier wedding cake and entire dessert table this weekend.  Stay tuned for the photos!

This shower cake was for a wedding that will be in Costa Rica in February!

Small simple shower cakes


A Luau Rehearsal Dinner

A few weeks ago I received a phone call to do the desserts for a luau themed rehearsal dinner.  I was really excited to be asked to do it since it was such a fun and unique idea!

They used my stand to display the cake and cupcakes and then I made pails of sand for them to put the cake pops in!  Congrats to Marie & Tommy!


One Month!

I cannot believe how fast 11 months went, the wedding is officially one month from today!  KbyK will have to regretfully decline any orders for the 10 days (Sept 20th-30th) surrounding our wedding day but I cannot wait to come back to work for October and the holiday season. We'll be taking a "mini-moon" to Bermuda right after the wedding and will be heading to Africa for our full honeymoon in January. Thanks for all your support!

Below are some cakes I have been working on :)


I am not sure where the last week went!  We went on a short vacation to visit each of our families at their summer vacation spots.  It was so nice to get away for a bit and enjoy some sun and sand.

I have been very busy since I have been back and wanted to catch you up with what I have been up to :)

Before I left, I brought the treats for the Tara Keely trunk show to Lovely Bridal.  They have the most adorable shop on West 4th Street, with an cute iron gate and an exposed brick wall inside (I am really jealous).

This week I have been working on a lot of wedding favors! This must be a popular weekend because I had two wedding favor jobs and I am going to a wedding.  

Angela & Kyle are getting married on Long Beach Island on Saturday and had a beach/pink theme

Cristina and her fiance's wedding invitation had purple and green owls and butterflies so they asked me to make favors to match :)


Congrats to all!



It is official they are out!  It is so exciting we are just under the 2 month mark now!  I wanted to share with you an image that are our dear friend and resident Hopkins Blue Jay cartoonist drew for us (we both played sports at Johns Hopkins which is where we met).  I made a custom stamp out of it to personalize our envelope.  For all you Brides out there it was really easy to do yourself on zazzle and the best part is if you don't like how they come out they are returnable (just make sure to weigh your full envelope before ordering).  

I also wanted to show off our gorgeous calligraphy done by our family friend.  As a thank you, I made her a peach tart with an almond struesal topping :)



Tara Keely at Lovely....

For all of you brides out there Lovely Bridal Shop is having a Tara Keely trunk show next week.  I am super excited to be apart of the event on Thursday.  I am creating a cupcake and cake pop tower that I will be sure to share with you next week!  Details are below and every bride should come!