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Gymnastics Cookies

Savanna and I were both super excited about the weather yesterday!  I know the 40's are still not warm, but it is crazy how warm it feels when you are used to the 20's.  Not only was it warmer, it was sunny so we could actually get out for a good walk :)  We have made the switch over to one nap which has been working good as long as we have a morning activity.  

I also wanted to share these gymnastics cookies I made for my niece, Monica's 5th birthday.  I wanted to work on them since I was not going to make her party AND my royal icing skills need some practice.  I was happy with the way they turned out, but I think I could still use some practice for more detailed designs.

Happy Weekend!


Savanna's First 1st Birthday Party!

As I previously mentioned we decided to split up friends and family for Savanna's 1st Birthday since we could not fit everyone inside.  We decided to have the friends party early so we could attempt to have it outside.  Luckily the weather cooperated for us and we had a nice day, it wasn't crazy sunny but it was a great temperature.  We had the party at an outdoor picnic area near one of the town parks.  It worked out great and we were very happy we did it there.  I ordered a full printable paper package from Little Birdie Prints on Etsy and was super happy with them. Kim was very responsive and easy to work with.  I used most of the package, the only things I did not use were the hats (Savanna hates anything on her head) and the thank yous (I already had personalized stationary for her and didn't think it was worth printing and buying envelopes).  I printed everything myself at home and it was super easy and I did not go through a crazy amount of ink.  I highly recommend if you want to add some fun custom detail to your party!

It was a late afternoon party so we decided to keep the food fairly simple.  We ordered sandwiches from a local deli and I made a pasta salad with broccoli and pine nuts and a mixed green salad with roasted butternut squash, walnuts, craisins and pumpkin seeds.  

Pumpkin Breads were the favors :)

Savanna had a blast playing in the ice and any water that had fallen....

For dessert, I of course had to go all out :)

I made chocolate chip ganache cookies, pumpkin cookies, chocolate cupcakes, pumpkin patch cake pops, and sour watermelons and pumpkins.  

Savanna had a personalized soy and dairy free pumpkin cake.  I took the fondant off before she dove in!

We cannot wait to celebrate again!


Weekend Recap and Carrot Cake Roll-Out Cookies 

Sorry, I was never able to post last week, I had a ton of baking and prepping to do for our first of two parties for Savanna's first birthday!  We had a super busy Saturday this past weekend.  In the afternoon we had her party. We decided to split up friends and family since we cannot fit everyone inside if the weather was not nice.  We did our friends first so we could hopefully have it outside.  Luckily the weather cooperated for us:)  I will share the details of the party with you after I get pictures uploaded later this week. Before the party Chris took Savanna to the Rye vs. Harrison football game which is a long time rival.  There were 5000 people at a high school football game!  From what I heard Savanna loved the crowd and really enjoyed the action.  I made this cake pop tower (sorry not a great picture) for the boys tailgate on Friday night.  

While they were at the game I had my good friend Katie's baby shower at the Larchmont Yacht Club (where her and her husband got married).  I did some cute favor boxes for which I want to share the details with you today.

I worked with her sister to make personalized boxes for Katie.  We decided to make a trail mix of all of her favorite items; almonds, dried mango, raisins, yogurt covered pretzels, gummies and m&ms.  She is having a boy so we did blue for the gummies and m&ms.  

I then made a baby onesie carrot cake cookie (since carrot cake is her favorite).  I also wanted to share the recipe for the cookie.

I had made a soft drop carrot cake cookie before but, I was afraid that wouldn't hold the icing and I would have a ton of waste from cutting the cookies out.  I searched for a roll-out cookie but failed to find one, so I decided to modify one of my own recipes.  My gingerbread cookies have a fairly wet dough which I thought I needed since the carrots would moisten the dough.  So I substituted the molasses with the carrots and altered the spices and it worked :)  The dough was super moist but it worked as long as you let the dough sit in the refrigerator for a minimum of 4 hours (overnight is best) and used a decent amount of flour.  

Carrot Cake Roll-out Cookies

3 cups flour

3/4 cup brown sugar 

3/4 tsp baking soda

2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp nutmeg

1/8 tsp cloves

6 ounces butter

6.5 ounces shredded carrots 


1. In the bowl of an electric mixer mix dry ingredients

2. Add in butter in pieces

3.While machine is running add carrots

4. Refrigerate dough for at least 4 hours

5. Roll out on floured surface and floured pin to desired shape and size (will need a lot of flour) 

6. Bake 10 - 15 minutes depending on size


A Weekend of Baking Firsts

Last week was a fun but crazy week.  It started with my first cake pop order for the Field Hockey team in town. This was especially fun for me since I played Field Hockey in HS and college :) The Rye Mascot is the Garnets, a precious stone.... yes I know pretty weak.  I was a frog growing up and I did not think I could do much worse but it seems I may have... Oh well they are really good, undefeated actually and that is what counts!

I think the most exciting was my first Gluten Free Cake! It took a few failed flour blends and then I found Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free All Purpose Flour Mix and that was the winner.  It has no rice flour in it which is why I think it works.  I think rice flour tastes like sand. It is a mixture of garbanzo flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, sorghum flour and fava flour.  My standard vanilla cake had the same great texture and the flavor was very close. My customers were only gluten intolerant so I did not have to worry about cross-contamination.  

After the cake turned out really well I decided to try these pumpkin cookies that we love and they turned out really good too!

Lastly, I made my first cupcake cake! I had attempted one about 3 years ago and did not have a lot of success and put it on the back burner. Someone asked me to do one last week and I was really excited to finally be able to complete one!


Zoe's Birthday Party!

Savanna's friend Zoe turn 1 a few weeks ago!  Unfortunately, my good friend Kristen's wedding was the same weekend so we had to miss the party.  Since we were unable to go to the party, I was excited that I could at least do the desserts.  Zoe's party was a farm animal theme and they even had a petting zoo there! Zoe's Mom and Dad went to HS with Chris.  They were a different year in school but last year we discovered that they live around the block from us which has been a lot of fun.  A girl from their HS has a beautiful photography company. She took all of the wonderful shots below.  You should check out the rest of the party here, along with with all of the other amazing work she does.  

Cow, Pig and Duck Fondant Cookies

Mini Animal Mixed Berry Pies

Zoe & 1 Cake Pops with mini cupcakes

I love this one of Zoe digging into her cake!

This is such a cute shot of all the other kids "helping" her :)

This is my favorite!


April Projects 

Good Morning and Happy Friday!  I wanted to share some of the projects that I worked on in April with you today.  I am sorry I have not been great about getting good photos so these are all instagram.  Hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather - Have a great weekend!

These were Monogram Whale Cake Pops for a Whale Themed First Birthday Party.  I had the tags made by the wonderful Jaime who is the owner of a creative online paper store, Bushel and Peck.  You should check out her etsy site too!

I made these wine bottle cookies for my friend Stephanie's shower (which I was unfortunately unable to attend).  It was a late afternoon shower with wine and appetizers.  To go with the wine I also made dark chocolate covered cake pops with rock salt and red wine chocolate cupcakes.

I made a little Hippo cake for the welcoming of Baby Harper.  The shower for her was supposed to be the weekend we had the snow storm in February so they postponed it and had a welcoming party instead.  

The Baby Boy Cake Pops were for a shower. The Baby Girl Cake Pops were for her big brothers to take to school and brag about their new little sister :)

These frog cake pops were for a frog themed baby shower.  The adorable Lily pad tags were made by Jaime from Bushel and Peck as well!

80th Birthday Party Cake!


Business Update and Some Recent Projects!

Providing innovative and tasty Kreations to our loyal customers has always been and will always be my passion, but being a mother has always been important to me as well.  In order to give each order the attention it deserves, and to be a great Mommy for Savanna, we have decided to evolve Kreated by K into a more customized/speciality business. We will continue to eagerly work on special occasion cakes, dessert tables and new products, but will be scaling back menu options and only taking a few orders a week to guarantee the quality you've come to expect from KbyK. To maximize our work with our loyal local customers, we'll no longer be accepting wholesale orders and will not be shipping outside of the NYC area. Kreated by K plans to focus on a limited number of exciting projects each week, so please place your orders as far in advance as possible. Of course, last minute orders will be welcomed whenever possible, just ask:)  Below are some pictures of projects I worked on this past month!

A Crawfish Pot for a guy from Louisiana

"Ready to Pop" baby shower

Bowling Party Cookies

Peter Pan Cake


New York Botanical Gardens and Wedding Dessert Table

Hope everyone had a great weekend and you are having a good week!  We are trying to keep busy over here  on the weekends, I am officially under the 2 week mark now (that is if she wants to come on time :) ).  My husband had the wonderful idea to visit the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx.  We have both never been and we were very glad we went!  It is a great weekend activity, even for those who have kids!  They have a section dedicated to children, which is now has a Halloween theme, where they can carve pumpkins etc.. over the holidays they are famous for the train show.  For adults, they have a wonderful Monet exhibit going on now and the rose garden is still in full bloom.  If you are looking for something to do, I highly recommend!

I also wanted to share with you a Wedding Dessert Table that I did.  The wedding was held at the Ink Hotel which has a stunning rooftop!  The dessert table was filled with yummy treats such as cake pops, oreo pops, mini cheese cakes, mini chocolate pretzel tarts, cookies and candy!


Back to School!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day weekend!  It was a quiet one over here, so nothing too exciting to report.  I did some organzing for the baby and tested out some pumpkin recipes for the fall menu :)

School officially started this week and fall is here (altough it still feels like summer out there in the gross humidity), so I made a fun Back to School Basket that I wanted to share with you.  Good luck to my youngest niece, Monica starts her first say of pre-school today!



Little Miss Party Planner Events 

Hope everyone is having a fabulous August week!  I wanted to share some of the treats I made for the wonderful parties that Little Miss Party Planner put together this spring and summer.  I have included the links for each party so you can check out their entire spread and beautiful decorations!

For a 30th birthday party on a boat in April, I made mini lemon meringue tarts, white chocoalte covered oreos, cheesecake pops AND the cake.  The birthday boy loved Kite Surfing :) LMP did a such a great job with the nautical theme.

For a 40th brithday party I made some fun cupcakes with an old photo from when the birthday boy was little as well as some 40 cake pops!  Don't you just love the way LMP displays everything!?!


For Seri's (one of the LMP owners), son's bris she put together an amazing party only a week after she gave birth!  This had a fun "Got Milk" theme and she used some pictures that were captured in the hospital.  I made "Got Milk" cookies, cupcakes, cow cake pops and some white chocolate covered oreos with an L for Luke! 

 For a lovely rustic bridal shower, I made some chocolate espresso cookies, pie pops and purple glitter cake pops!


We both share the same wonderful and talented photographer, Raquel, from Raquel Bianca Creative, and Raquel's sisters asked LMP to plan her Bridal Shower.  LMP centered the theme around Long Beach Island, where they are getting married, but added in a lot of cool camera props as well :)  If you check out Raquel's website you can see her cool paper design that she did for her wedding. For the party I had the pleasure of making some mini pie tarts, chocolate espresso cookies and some really cool camera cookies!



Cookie Place Cards

My cousin Christine is getting married this August and her Bridal Shower was this past weekend (Christine is on the left and her sister Jennifer is on the right).  

My Aunt asked if I could create something with cookies for the place cards.  My cousin loves sweets especially chocolate!  So I decided to make chocolate sandwich cookies with a nutella cream filling.  I placed the table number on the cookie and attached a tag with the person's name on it.  I was excited with how they came out!  

My cousin Liz has a baking business as well and my Aunt asked her to do cupcake bouquets for the centerpieces which came out fabulous.  She gave everyone cups and bags to take the cupackes home with them which I thought was very clever.  The cupcake fit perfectly, nice and snug.  I had placed mine in my bag and it didn't budge from the cup, it traveled really well!


Healthy Raisin Bran Cookies

My husband studied his butt off for the CFA for months and his head did not leave the books over memorial day weekend (the last weekend before the test).  I decided to make him some healthy cookies to munch on while he was studying.  I figured the fiber would keep him full and focused!  I saw the recipe on the back of a Post Raisin Bran box.  I changed it up just slightly.  The original recipe called for regular flour, I figured if we were being healthy we should go all the way so I used white whole wheat flour.  I did not have brown sugar at home so I just used regular granulated sugar and it worked great.  I added an extra teaspoon of cinnamon for flavor which I think they needed and dried cherries instead of apricots which is just personal preference :)  The dried fruit is optional, but I think the cookies need it!

Bran Fruit & Nut Cookies (adapted from Post Raisin Bran Box) 

1/2 cup Granulated Sugar

1/4 cup Oil

2 Tbsp Water

2 egg whites

2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/8 tsp salt

1 1/2 cups Post Raisin Bran Cereal

1 cup white whole wheat flour

1/4 cup chopped walnuts

1/3 cup dried cherries


Preheat oven to 350

1. In a large bowl whisk the egg whites, sugar, oil, and water.

2. Mix in the cinnamon, baking soda, salt, flour and cereal and mix until well blended.

3. Add in the walnuts and dried fruit.

4. Drop tablespoons of the dough about 2 inches apart on a parchment lined cookie sheet.  

5. Bake 10-12 minutes and let cool.

Makes about 15-20 cookies


New York Magazine Wedding Event 2012 Photos!

The New York Magazine Wedding Event last week was fabulous, I met a ton of wonderful new brides, event planners, caterers, bloggers and photographers!  

I wanted to show you the dessert table I put together for it.  I had Raquel from Raquel Bianca Creative shoot my work for the event. Raquel has been my photographer and designer for over a year now, and takes all my site photography. I asbosultely love working with her!  First, she makes my work look incredible! She is also someone you can count on which is great.  I never send an email and have to wait days for her to respond, she is super reliable! I also love that she is always sending me ideas to help me grow my business which, is much appreciated when you have a small business.  

About four months ago she launched Raquel Bianca Creative, a photography & paper design company based here in New York. She shoots children & infants, portraits, fashion, engagement, food, events and more. She also designs invitations and created the paper tags you see on my wedding display. This aspect of her business is unique because she can shoot your photo, and then design the card or announcements that you send out to friends and family. 


Wedding Cake & Dessert Table!

I apologize for the delay, I promised these photos to you when I posted my other wedding cakes almost a month ago! Where does the time go?!?  I had the pleasure of doing the wedding cake and dessert table for a friend I used to work with at JCrew.  I have never done a dessert table this large and vast so I was excited when she gave me the opportunity.  It was a fun experience and the bride was patient enough to work with me through it.  I knew someone that attended the wedding so was able to get a great shot of them enjoying my cake. I was really happy with the outcome and definately learned a few lessons along the way :)



Little Miss Party Planner 

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of doing some treats for Little Miss Party Planner (LMP).  The owner Seri and her partner Michelle both had previous careers at JCrew like me!  We actually did not know each other there but were introduced by a mutual colleague.  Together they have started a fabulous little party planning company that specializes in small spaces (for all of us that live in Manhattan).  So the next time you are having a birthday or a special event and you want someone to plan and caterer an amazing little party make sure to think of them!  In the mean time I wanted to share some recent events that they did and I supplied some treats for.

Most recent was the Girls Night Out with Benefit Cosmetics that they did for 100 Layer Cake and I made cheesecake cake pops for it.

They put on an adorable yellow and grey Baby Shower for their friend Rachel and I made gold dusted cake pops and the poodle cookie pops favors.

In the spring I made cake pops and banana pops for their 40th birthday brunch party.

Have a great weekend :)


Fall Menu

Check out my new fall menu and make sure to get your orders in early for your Halloween parties!



Second to ice-cream smores are favorite summer dessert, but you don't make them as much as an adult (which is why there is a smores cookie on my menu).  Since my nieces were in town I thought it would be a fun activity for them and I could be a child again and enjoy some smores :)They had curlers in their hair since my shower was on Sunday :)

Since the smores were so good, I started to think about other ways I could make a smore since one is not always in front of a fire.  So I made a smores k-pop with marshmallow mixed into a vanilla cake dipped in chocolate and coated in graham cracker crumbs.  

Then I made a smores pie pop filled with marshmallow and chocolate and a little graham crumbs.  Finally I made a smores push pops with crushed graham crackers, chocolate ganache and fluff (note: if I do again I would use my graham cookies).My smores cookie :)


Baby Naming 

I made these "Chanel" themed cupcakes and cookies for a baby naming party in honor of a little girl whose first and last name began with a "C". They enjoyed the cupcakes at the party and then everyone took home a chocolate ganache stuffed cookie!


The Wedding Salon

I was excited to be apart of The Wedding Salon Showcase last week!  Thank you to all of my helpers, I could of not done it without you.  

Favor Boxes 

Edible Centerpieces with Sea Glass

K-Pop Wedding Cake!


Flourless Cookies!

With the help of a little birdie named Laura :) and some research I made some flourless cookies in honor of passover.  If you are gluten free these are a great options for you (don't forget about my truffles too)!